Free crochet pattern · Sjal / Shawl

Secret Paths Sjal / Shawl


Till denna vita-rosa sjal använde jag garnet Cotton Flower 200 g från Favoritgarner och virknål 4.0 mm. Du kan använda vilket garn du vill och addera eller ta bort varv, tex varv 5-18 som upprepas, för att få rätt storlek. Se bara till att avsluta med ett popkorn-varv innan du börjar med kanten.

For this white and pink shawl I used the yarn Cotton Flower 200 g from Favoritgarner and hook 4.0 mm. You could use any yarn and just add or exclude rows, for example row 5-18 that is repeated, to make it the right size. Just make sure to end with a popcorn-row before making the edge.

Om du lägger upp bilder på din Secret paths-sjal på sociala medier använd gärna #mijocrochet och #secretpathsshawl så att jag kan hitta och se dina bilder  ❤

Please use #mijocrochet and #secretpathsshawl if you post pictures of your Secret paths shawl in social medias  ❤

Mönster / Pattern: 

I PDF-mönstret finns även diagram / In the PDF pattern is also charts.

Svenska / English/US  PDF-pattern: Secret Paths Swe, Eng/US
Dutch PDF-pattern: Secret Paths NL
German PDF-pattern: Secret Paths, German


Jag lägger ner mycket tid och kärlek både på att arbeta fram och skriva mina mönster, så om du använder mina mönster och lägger ut på sociala medier önskar jag att du länkar eller hänvisar till min blogg och använder #mijocrochet  ❤

I spend alot of time and love in creating and writing down my patterns, so please, if you use my patterns and post pictures in social medias link or refer to my blog and use #mijocrochet  ❤

Secret Paths av andra / by others:
Av / By: @crochetwithme
Av / By @pippasliv


53 thoughts on “Secret Paths Sjal / Shawl

  1. Den är helt fantastisk Johanna ❤ Tänk vilken tur att mitt blå/rosa Cotton Flowers kom igår, precis lagom tills du släppte detta mönster 😉 Sååååå nu ska jag klämma in lite sjalvirkning bland tomtar och julklappstillverkning 😀


  2. Hi! Thank you so very much for this lovely pattern!!! If I were in Sweden, I would definitely buy the yarn you used, but unfortunately I’m not, so I have to use some other yarn. The yarn I’ll use is hand-dyed, so I have to buy all the yarn I’ll use at once (so that the colour doesn’t change if I buy extra yarn later). Approximately how much yarn should I buy for a normal-sized shawl made with 4mm hook? Thanks in advance ❤


    1. Thank you! 😊 I would say about 1000 meters depending of the yarns weight. But it eats quite much yarn with the popkorn rows and full dc rows. I hope this helps! Please let me know how it works out 🌸


  3. Hi mijo,
    I’m anja from germany. I love your Foto and your pattern. IT is so beautiful.
    One question please😉 At Facebook, i have a big group with 3000 members. Now i share your Blog and some of the ladys would likes to crochet your Shawl.
    Is IT ok, that we translate the pattern in german? I will send you the translation to share IT here on your blog.


      1. Yes, i would like to send you the pdf file. Feel free to Post It here and i will share your web Page in my Group 😉 so the members and other german chrocheters could it download. Sorry my english is very bad.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Thank you for your beautiful shawl pattern. It is very difficult to follow as both languages appear in each line but I can’t wait to make it.


  5. Hi! Can you tell me, do you use the US or UK terms? I’m using the english version of your pattern but I’m having a bit of trouble. My shawl is not coming out as a triangle shape,more like a V shape. I might be using the wrong kind of stiches? Thanks!


  6. What type of yarn would I need to buy to make this beautiful shawl. I live in the USA and I am not sure what would be the same as the yarn you used


    1. I have seen this shawl been made in very different yarns and it works fine since you can customize your size. The yarn I used where 3-stranded, 200g=1000m and a cotton/acrylic blend. I hope this helps 😊


  7. Hello from Australia.
    I would like to say thank you for sharing your beautiful pattern.
    I had been trying to find the perfect pattern to make a blanket for my mum for nearly a month, when I came across your gorgeous shawl pattern and just knew that it was “the one”.
    I hope you don’t mind that I have modified your pattern to turn it into squares for my mum’s blanket.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. That is such a lovely pattern. It Looks great. But…… do you know why all pattern for shawls are rectangle? I´m searching so Long for a shawl that has a wider angle, because I don´t want to have so much fiber bevore my chest. (Sorry, I don´t know the right words because I´m german) I hope you understand me. Could you please tell me, how I could Change the pattern so get a wider angle and the whole shawl more narrow? Do I have to add some stiches at the beginning and end of the row or do I have to leave some stiches? Thanks in Advanve for response.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi! Im actually just about to release a shallow rectangular shawl very soon. I guess its a matter if taste. I like the triangular alot cous I like the big bunch of fabric on my chest. But yeah, it gets hot in the summer 😅Im also working on a design very similar to the secret paths shawl that will be in a wider angle, but it will take several weeks for that one to be ready. So for now, keep your eyes open for the currus shawl that will appear any day now.
      Ps. If you look at #cirrusshawl on instagram or facebook you can see what it looks like. Ds.


  9. TACK för ett fantastiskt roligt och vackert mönster 😍
    OCH framförallt för att det är skrivet på ett förståeligt och pedagogiskt vis (att läsa mönster brukar för mig vara som rena grekiskan 😉😁)

    Liked by 1 person

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