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My name is Johanna, I’m a Swedish crocheter and crochet designer located in Trollhättan. My main forum and source of inspiration is on Instagram where you can find me by the name @mijocrochet 🌸

You can also find me on Ravelry and Facebook and of course my name there is MijoCrochet.

Contact:  mijo.crochet@gmail.com



17 thoughts on “🌸 About

  1. Hello Johanna, I am from Germany and my english is unfortunately not good. I would like to thank you very much for your generosity! Your patterns are wonderful. Best regards, Nadja


  2. Johanna is there a possibility that I could get the written pattern in English for the Lost in Time Shawl? This is gorgeous.


  3. Your work is amazing and the color schema you use is beautiful! I’m going to try one of your patterns for a birthday present for my mother. I hope that the result will be as wonderful as yours. Thank you for sharing your ideas and inspirations!


  4. Jeg er dansk, men bor i Sverige. Jeg er meget begejstret for dine Beautiful patterns, som jeg har gjort bekendtskab med efter jeg var med i #inbloomcal. Jeg vil fråge, om Jeg får sälge färdige alster, om jeg kredeiterer dig for mönstret.

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    1. Hej och tack för dina fina ord 🌸 Du kan sälja dina alster så länge det framgår att jag skrivit mönstret, gärna med adress till just bloggen, precis som du sa 😊


  5. Hi Johanna,

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful patterns. I was wondering if we are allowed to sell the finished product. Obviously it’s a hobby, not a business, I would just like to make enough to buy more yarn.

    Many thanks

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